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This is my web page, an attempt to put before you, my ambitions, my hopes, a few of my dreams, as well as some of my story.

My Ambition

To use the 'little grey cells' that Agatha Christies famous character 'Hercule Poirot' always referred to. To follow in the footsteps of writers past and present and I will be writing under the pseudonym of Sel Yeoman

About Me

I am not exactly a youngster, born in the North West of England in 1938, actually in the Counry Borough of Stockport, which is now, sadly, a part of Greater Manchester.
My mother was a 'housewife', my father a Coal Merchant. Like most youngsters of my era, I was educated in the State Education System, not proving particularly academic. After leaving school, I was for a time, an apprentice then I joined The Royal Air Force where I spent five great years, in retrospect, a mistake, I should have continued for many more years. On my return to civilian life, I worked in several fields, both electrical and mechanical engineering. Until some 30+ years ago when I ended up living on the South Coast of England, where I earned a living by driving a taxi, until failing health forced me into retirement.
I am married to a beautiful Filipina and we have great two children, a daughter who works in the tourist industry and a son who is a school teacher. I am prouder of the three of them, than in any other part of my life, they are the light of my life.

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